Month: July 2018

Google Adwords to Become Google Ads

Google Adwords to Become Google Ads – What You Need to know It’s like Google Adwords, but Better! On June 27, Google made the announcement that Google Adwords will be rebranded and reformatted as the new Google Ads, effective July 24. While an incredibly subtle change in name, the Google Ads update looks bright for marketers and business owners alike. One key thing to keep in mind is that this update WILL NOT affect any existing campaigns’ performance, navigation, or reporting. Instead, the Google Ads update will focus on connecting different  So what does that mean exactly? Let’s take a...

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B2B Marketing Strategies that REALLY Work

B2B Marketing Strategies that REALLY Work Don’t Talk at Them, Talk WITH Them Is there a secret to the B2B marketing sector? We wouldn’t call it a secret, but there is certainly a trend happening recently that is proven to work. The answer? Content Marketing. With B2B marketers allocating about 28% of their marketing budgets for native advertising, it indicates the value brands give to content. With the speed of the digital revolution, it can be difficult to keep track of emerging marketing trends. And the content marketing landscape has been nothing short of a runaway train. Content marketing...

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