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Welcome to the new MGEMS Blog

With 25 years of marketing, design, printing, mailing and tax experience MGEMS is your one stop solution for all your small business needs. Our teams of experts consist of educated cutting edge graphic designers, programmers, marketing, and management level personnel who pride themselves on a job completed with style, originality, and class. Our focus is on bringing our clients vision to life. Our goal is to assist your campaign with quality service, quick turnaround time, and outstanding marketing products that will capture your target markets eye. We make it our job to cross the t’s and dot the i’s from inception to completion of your business’ campaign. We can assist you with pinpointing your target market, design and print your marketing pieces, and even bring your business to the web.

7 Ways For Bosses To Form Strong Relationships With Their Employees

The Devil Wears Prada

A huge part of running a small business is the relationship between the boss and the few employees that run the company. If you follow these few tips, the relationship with your employees will be solid and therefore so will their work ethic. A smaller company needs every single person involved to be productive and have a positive attitude. Otherwise, the flaws in your small business it will shine through to customers immediately.

5 Marketing Tips for Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Black Friday

With Black Friday rapidly approaching, it is a critical time period for you and your business. While everyone else is busy planning their Thanksgiving Day menus or perfecting their decorations, you should be thinking of the amazing deals that your customers will not be able to resist come Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People’s spending limits already expand to the maximum limit come holiday season but the amount of revenue that can be made between Black Friday and Cyber Monday will make your marketing efforts more than worth it. Take a look at these tips so you can be ready for this upcoming Holiday season.

Top 5 Tips to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts & ROI


Starting a marketing campaign can seem like a very stressful and overwhelming task to tackle. However, there are a few very important tips that if followed, can make the entire process that much smoother and rewarding. According from the professionals at EDDM2Go themselves, these 5 tips will maximize your ROI (Return On Investment) more than any other isolated campaign. Take a look below and then get to work!

Top 10 New Photoshop Tutorials For November

Graphic Designing is no joke and everyday there are new programs and tools created every month to make a wide variety of jobs much easier to do. However, part of the work involved with being in this field is staying up to date about the new skills as they become available. We have done some research to make your life easier when it comes to staying in the loop so you can be one of the most skilled Graphic Designers out there. Take a look at the Top 10 new Photoshop tutorials for the month of November!

Anime Female

Wes Rowbotham


With graphic design experience for non-profits under his belt already, Wes Rowbotham began looking for an internship during the academic year to gain real-world work experience. In the dead of winter Rowbotham began his hunt for a company that could provide with a valuable intern experience, and in February 2014 he found MGEMS Graphics and Printing.

At the start of the internship “I had only taken classes and completed a work study program at my college- The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey,” said Rowbotham

But despite a relatively bare resume (compared to his current version), Rowbotham was designated both graphic design and web design responsibilities upon employment. “Initially was doing both graphic and web design with a focus on web content, but by the time I was done, I was doing almost web design and coding exclusively, while also helping with some graphic design and EDDM work.”

But this MGEMS intern gained not only graphic design skills- but people skills. Rowbotham said “This was my first real experience dealing with clients on a personal level, and that experience was key in moving on in any aspect of the graphic design field”

Rowbotham also formed a valuable relationship with CEO Mike Alfred, claiming they mutually benefited each other and grew both the business and themselves.

Once the 2014-2015 school year rolled around Rowbotham left MGEMS to focus on his final year of college, and upon graduation Rowbotham obtained a full-time position as a Product Developer and Graphic designer at gift company, Andrews + Blaine LTD.

Now reflecting on his times here at MGEMS Graphics and Printing, Rowbotham feel MGEMS played an integral part in his post graduation success saying, “MGEMS helped me establish a standard for professional work and effected my confidence in both my work and myself.”

Where is Wes Rowbotham now?  “Traveling and absorbing the worlds many cultures,” he says. Just like the boss told him to.